Welcome to Jskmist.com!

JSK Mist Technology has been offering the best quality of high pressure mist solutions and technology in Malaysia and Singapore for over 9 years. We have always strived to provide exceptional and creative mist products, coupled with latest technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge. With that mission in mind, we have thus far been top choice for many high profile outlets and venues such as franchised or chained food & beverage retailer, hotel & resorts, restaurants and cafe, food court, outdoor sporting event and activities, theme parks, factory & industrial plants, flower & plant industry, school hall, entertainment outlet, commercial and residential area.

We pride ourselves in the mist solutions industry as the global standard misting products and technology supplier. Our knowledge in the tehnical know-how enable us to customize and apply our mist solutions to any industries, be it indoor or outdoor, from refreshing to humidification and odor/dust control. We are committed to our customer servicing and develop long term business relationships with our clients. Our corporate clients include OldTown White Coffee, PappaRich, Giant, Subway, Restoran Ayam Penyet and more.

In addition, our company also offers effective economical solution for Green/Environmental and Energy Consumption issues. Our Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling System is scientifically proven to save energy and lower electricity costs.